White balsamic vinegar

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LA BELLE EXCUSE is offering you a white balsamic vinegar imported from Italy. Our white balsamic vinegar is produced in Modena using secular know-how that is rigorously adhered to. Made from white Lambrusco-Trebbiano must cooked in covered vessels, this white balsamic vinegar has a light amber color which indicates that there was no caramelization.

CHARACTERISTICS: Its amber color will not alter the natural aspect of the ingredients and its bittersweet and fresh flavour will enhance any dish.

INGREDIENTS: White wine vinegar and grape must barrel-aged three years (5,5% acidity). Contains Sulphites. Gluten Free.

USE: A must in your vinaigrette, to deglaze vegetables, fish or seafood. As a jelly with your cheeses or add a few drops on strawberries or melons.

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