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Olive oil has long been recognized for its numerous beauty and skincare properties: hydrating, antioxidant and softening. This luxurious gift set is perfect for any occasion. Contains hand soap (200 ml), hand cream (200 ml) and our refreshing exfoliating sea salt bar soap (150 g). As a bonus, we’ve included our travel-size hand cream (50 ml). Goes anywhere.

Suits every décor…The alluring scent will imbue the air, while the timeless elegance of the understated dispenser bottles will brighten up every room!


Refreshing hand soap

Refreshing hand cream

Refreshing exfoliating sea salt soap bar

Refreshing hand cream Travel size (50 ml)


NOTE: To better protect the contents of your package, each item has been carefully wrapped. Presentation may differ from photo. 

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 36 cm

La Belle Excuse


La Belle Excuse