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53.95 $ + Taxes


53.95 $ + Taxes

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This gourmet assortment makes a perfect gift for avid culinarians of all stripes! Contains a bottle of LA BELLE EXCUSE green olive oil (250 ml), our balsamic glaze (220 g), a unisex kitchen apron, and bar of kitchen soap with rosemary, lemon and coffee (65 g). This superb Belle Excuse will enhance each and every dish, while adding a distinctive European touch to Canadian kitchens.

CHARACTERISTICS: LA BELLE EXCUSE green olive oil has a rich green colour with golden highlights. Clear intense aromas of olives and grass, rich in antioxidants, it leaves a light peppery taste on the finish. Easy to use thanks to its convenient squeeze bottle, this balsamic glaze tastes delicious and goes perfectly with BBQ meats as well as nutritious vegetables served raw or grilled. It is also very tasty on sweet treats like ice cream or simply on fresh fruit such as strawberries or melon.

USE: LA BELLE EXCUSE green olive oil and balsamic glaze will liven up many of your culinary creations, adding rich flavours and a touch of sophistication. The extra virgin oil can be used for cooking as well as for dipping with fish, grilled meats, vegetables, salads, pasta or sautés.

Excellent on salads, and scrumptious on burgers, our balsamic glaze is ideal with cheese and meat platters, with sausage, or for basting grilled meats, vegetables and so much more! Once you try it, you won’t be able to do without!

Convenient for cooks who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, LA BELLE EXCUSE kitchen soap eliminates odours and staining caused by certain foods such as beets, garlic, onions, seafood, etc.

NOTE: Gluten Free Products

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Weight 1.350 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 36 cm