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LA BELLE EXCUSE offers you our Kalamata olives. Hand harvested in the beautiful Kalamata area, these olives macerate for three months in brine, a family recipe passed down over many generations.

CHARACTERISTICS: The Kalamata olives are plump, show a dark purple color and have an almond shape. Following processing, the polyphenol level remains high, which translate in a light bitter taste.

INGREDIENTS: Kalamata olives, brine, extra virgin green olive oil.

USE: Huge and fleshy, these olives are very popular as an appetizer. Garnished with some cumin, lemon and garlic, they are fantastic in any antipasto. Pitted, they may be used in a fresh pasta dish, on a pizza, as a tapenade, in salads, in a slow cooked meal, etc.…

NOTE: Our olives are packed covered with our green olive oil which protects them from oxidation and stops the salt to surface. These olives do not require refrigeration; therefore they will be tastier at room temperature.

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