Extra virgin crude olive oil

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Have you ever noticed that most olive oils are available only in the spring, almost six months after their harvest? Exclusive to LA BELLE EXCUSE, we introduce to you our first harvest of Mavrolïa olive oil. A the end of October, as soon as we press the olives, we bottle the oil and bring it to you right away! Our Brut olive oil is not decanted, unfiltered and has an acidity level of 0,3%.

CHARACTERISTICS: Veiled with golden highlights and a slight deposit. Smooth with a strong olive flavour and intense peppery taste.

USE: It’s entirely up to you! La Brut is here only once a year so we suggest you use it right away to savour its very unique flavour. Try this Belle Excuse on your salads, your favourite bread, grilled fish fillets, pasta or simply to enhance the flavour of a hearty homemade soup.

NOTE: The oil will decant naturally with time. Shake before use for smoother texture. It will keep for 24 months after the harvest date. Gluten Free.

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Product available in limited quantity once a year

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