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175.45 $


175.45 $


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This La Belle Excuse assortment of delicacies is a true pleasure to receive! Includes a chic 500ml cruet of our extra-virgin green olive oil, as well as a selection of your favourite LBE products. Carefully packed in a beautiful wooden crate-basket, it keeps those culinary essentials at your fingertips. Perfect as a gift for someone dear, especially if that person is you! This delightful gift set will most definitely liven up the kitchen of anyone lucky enough to receive it.


Ceramic cruet, extra virgin green olive oil (first cold pressing)

White balsamic vinegar

Lemon and white balsamic vinegar

Raspberry and white balsamic vinegar

Balsamic Glaze

Pearl onion confit in lemon balsamic

Kalamata olives

Mediterranean sea salt

Mediterranean fleur de sel

Kitchen Soap (rosemary-lemon-coffee)

*Gluten free products

NOTE: To better protect the contents of your package, each item has been carefully wrapped. Presentation may differ from photo.

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Weight 8.336 kg

La Belle Excuse


La Belle Excuse