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Fried calamari with fleur de sel and Espelette pepper

Category: Entries


Serves : 2
Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : approx. 30 seconds


500 ml (2 cups) calamari, cleaned
250 ml (1 cup) milk
Sea salt
Fresh ground black pepper
250 ml (1 cup) of flour
15 ml (1 tablespoon) chicken broth concentrate in powder
Extra virgin olive oil
Fleur de sel
Espelette pepper
Yellow or green lemon wedges


— Cut the calamari into 1 cm thick rings. In a bowl, combine calamari, milk, salt and pepper. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

— In another bowl, mix flour
and chicken broth concentrate.
Set aside.

— In a deep fryer or large skillet, heat oil to 180 ˚C (350 ˚F). Meanwhile, strain the calamari and cover with flour mixture, making sure that all are well coated. Using a sifter, remove excess flour. Fry the calamari a
few at a time for around
30 seconds or until golden.

— Remove the calamari from the oil and immediately sprinkle with fleur de sel and Espelette pepper.

FINALE — Serve at once with lemon wedges.

TRICK — In season, cook whole small calamari on the BBQ, grilling just enough to sear them. Drizzle with parsley oil and fleur de sel.

NOTE — I like to serve calamari with a sauce such as Effie’s tomato coulis or tzatziki.